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Over 900 Children Attend Dorogobuzh's Lastochka Summer Centre

During the 2017 summer season, 904 children from Smolensk and other Russian regions visited the Lastochka summer wellness centre

Over four sessions from 5 June 2017 to 19 August 2017, Lastochka welcomed 344 children of Dorogobuzh employees. Despite the relatively low temperatures, attendance equalled last year's record. Company employees paid 13.8% of the package price, or RUB 4,000 for a 21-day session and RUB 2,666 for a 14-day session.

The third session focused on remembering The Great Patriotic War and fostering patriotic education.

Dorogobuzh Chief Manager for Social Programmes and Production Standards Alexander Chernenkov noted, “Lastochka is a major social facility for the Company. In 2017, Dorogobuzh allocated approximately RUB 3 million to overhaul two of the buildings, build additional facilities and purchase furniture, security systems and sports equipment. Improved health is the main indicator of the wellness centre’s performance. This summer, the children’s improvements reached 95.1%, 2.3% higher than the average result in Smolensk region.”

Over the last several years, Lastochka has been cooperating with regional departments of social development, education and science, as well as the Smolensk Region Central Sports Administration. This collaboration allows the wellness centre to provide recreational services to gifted children, winners of different art and academic competitions and festivals, young athletes, and disadvantaged children. Lastochka summer wellness centre, established in 1966, is located in the forest area on Lake Rubezhnoye in Dorogobuzh district.