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Dorogobuzh Expands Big Bagged Mineral Fertiliser Shipment Capacity

With a new big-bag and bulk fertiliser loading unit commissioned at Dorogobuzh (an Acron Group company), rail shipments of finished products have increased.

This is the fourth unit in the ammonium nitrate shipment area of Dorogobuzh’s mineral fertiliser shipping department. The unit is capable of loading products in big bags of various capacity and/or hopper cars, with a design capacity of up to 12 open cars a day. With the new unit in place, the Company will boost its shipments 33.3% to over 3,100 tpd.  

“We launched this project to meet our customers’ increasing demand for packaged products”, says head of Dorogobuzh’s mineral fertiliser shipping department Roman Korzinkin. “And also to cover expanded output of ammonium nitrate and complex mineral fertilisers following an upgrade of the Company’s shops and units”. 

The project’s implementation drew on experience gained from operating current units, which led the Company to divide the process into three functional zones: rolling stock preparation, loading and car despatch zones. This solution streamlines the shipment process and improves working conditions for employees, who were consulted during the course of the project. Shift teams in the ammonium nitrate shipment area were given an additional 15 employees to prepare for the new unit’s commissioning.