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Dorogobuzh Upgrades Ammonia Operations in Smolensk Region

Ammonia output to increase 130 ktpa

Dorogobuzh (an Acron Group company) has launched an upgrade that will increase the capacity of its ammonia unit to 2,100 tpd from 1740 tpd and improve its power efficiency by decreasing the natural gas consumption rate per tonne of ammonia. Costing an estimated USD 75 million, the project is scheduled to wrap up in H2 2019 and will boost annual output by 130,000 tonnes.

The basic engineering for the project is being performed by KBR (KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT LTD), and the general designer is Novgorod GIAP, which will develop design and as-built documentation in compliance with Russian laws.

Dorogobuzh will also purchase a licence and licensed equipment from KBR, including the proven-in-use KRES™ (KBR Reforming Exchanger System) technology.

Dorogobuzh currently produces anhydrous liquid ammonia at a single 600-ktpa unit, originally commissioned in 1979 and upgraded in the 2000s. All of the facility’s ammonia output is for in-house consumption to produce mineral fertilisers.