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Dorogobuzh to Strengthen Social Partnership

Dorogobuzh and the administration of Dorogobuzh district in Smolensk region signed a social partnership agreement. 

On the eve of Chemist’s Day, the largest local employer and the Dorogobuzh regional administration entered into a partnership agreement. The agreement, initiated by Dorogobuzh, is designed to implement a social and economic development policy for of the town of Dorogobuzh and the Dorogobuzh district. 

During the signing, head of the Dorogobuzh district administration Oleg Garbar noted that this is the first social partnership agreement between the Company and district authorities, and that it marks a new stage in their long-term cooperation. In 2017, Dorogobuzh will allocate RUB 2 million to finance social, educational and housing projects, including repairs and overhauls of village and town schools, nursery schools and children’s activity centres, playground improvements and construction of new playgrounds. 

Dorogobuzh Executive Director Viktor Bocherikov noted that, during the past 50 years of its existence, the Company has consistently maintained a social responsibility programme and actively participated in social and economic development in the Dorogobuzh district. Acron’s facilities in Veliky Novgorod and Kirovsk, Murmansk region, signed similar social and economic partnership agreements with local authorities, which contributed to the regions’ social development. 

The Company plans to renew this agreement every year on a regular basis to consistently improve living standards for residents of Dorogobuzh.