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Dorogobuzh Met All Social Obligations in 2016

Company spent over RUB 123 million on social payments and costs of improving working conditions

The conference of Dorogobuzh employees reviewed performance of the collective agreement in 2016 and found it satisfactory, noting that the employer fulfilled its obligations to personnel.

On 1 January 2016, Dorogobuzh increased payroll funding 10%. In 2016, the Company’s average monthly salary was RUB 41,700, whereas the average salary in Smolensk region was RUB 27,800.

According to Dorogobuzh Executive Director Viktor Bocherikov, the Company has been successfully pursuing the Fair Work Programme, which covers multiple aspects of personnel activity. The Company allocated over RUB 3.5 million under the labour safety agreement and RUB 11 million to purchase personal protective equipment. Labour conditions were assessed at 568 workplaces. Dorogobuzh spent a total of over RUB 5.3 million to repair and equip an amenity space, staircases, service areas, lighting networks, and to prepare the Lastochka children’s summer wellness centre for the summer season, as part of measures to improve labour conditions and safety.

In 2016, regular medical examinations were provided to 1,490 employees at the Dorogobuzh medical unit at the Company’s cost, which amounted to RUB 3.2 million, including RUB 539,000 spent for fluorography tests of 1,546 employees. Treatment worth RUB 3.1 million was provided to 92 Company’s employees. Under the voluntary medical insurance programme, RUB 979,000 was spent for medical treatment provided to 341 employees. Employees who are exposed to harmful conditions at work are provided with healthy meals (in 2016, a total of RUB 4.1 million was allocated for this purpose).

In 2016, Dorogobuzh allocated RUB 6.8 million to providing 205 health resort packages to Russian resorts for its employees and their children. During the summer season, 912 children were treated at the Lastochka summer wellness centre. The Company also spent RUB 1.5 million on sports and cultural events.

Galina Starikova, head of the Dorogobuzh Primary Trade Union Organisation, noted that the collective agreement applies to all working employees, and some of its paragraphs apply to the Company’s labour veterans and retirees. The Company allocated over RUB 21.5 million to provide various types of financial aid, including one-time compensation on special occasions (marriage, the birth of a child, the purchase of a school uniform for first-graders, and important birthdays), bonuses for 20 years or more of service, and subsidies for employees caring for children under the age of three.

Financial aid totalling approximately RUB 11 million was paid to Dorogobuzh retirees and labour veterans (quarterly financial aid, free transportation on the Company’s transportation service), including RUB 1.2 million spent on 36 health resort packages. Dorogobuzh provides financial aid to seriously ill retirees in the amount of one standard payment (in the reporting year, the total amount of such payments exceeded RUB 190,000).

Acron Vice President for Human Resources and Special Projects Irina Raber participated in the conference and noted, “Dorogobuzh management has the greatest appreciation for the Company’s cohesive team of professional employees. The programme of social benefits and guarantees developed under the collective agreement is viewed as a strategic basis for social partnership and multifaceted cooperation between employees represented by the trade union and the Company’s management. This programme is aimed at ensuring employees’ labour rights, raising the standard of living and guaranteeing the Company’s successful operation”.