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Acron Building up NPK Output in Veliky Novgorod

This March, Veliky Novgorod-based Acron reached its highest monthly NPK output of 127,100 t. These unprecedented results were possible due to stable operation of two NPK units at their maximum capacity, recent equipment upgrades and minimised time for maintenance repairs.

The previous record for NPK output (120,120 t) was posted in December 2016, following completion of measures to increase the second unit’s daily capacity to 2,000 t.

Acron started the overhaul of its NKP operations last year. Since then, daily output at both units is up 10% to 2,000 t from 1,800 t. Acron intends to bring both units’ capacity to 2,100 tpd. Today, the Company produces 14 NPK brands.

Acron Group also manufactures NPK at its Dorogobuzh production facility in Smolensk region. The Group’s total NPK capacity is 1.8 mtpa.

NPK is a high performance complex fertiliser containing key plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. NPK remains in the soil for a long time without being washed out by water. Complex fertilisers contribute significantly to balanced soil nutrition and improved yields. NPK delivers vital nutrients to plants in an available form, making farming highly efficient in a wide range of climates.