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Acron Commissions New Ammonia Loading Facility

New 1,500-tpd ammonia loading rack put into operation at Acron site in Veliky Novgorod

Acron has commissioned a rack designed to load railway tanks with liquid ammonia at its stage 2 and 3 ammonia units and the new Ammonia-4 unit, brought on stream in July 2016.

The new rack was needed to handle the Company’s increased ammonia capacity and extra raw materials supplied to third parties.

Alexey Razumov, head of ammonia operations, comments on the facility: “The new 30-point loading rack is equipped with state-of-the-art loading appliances, which considerably improve loading performance and reduce tank standstill time. The facility operates around the clock, and the loading procedure is maximally automated. The total number of personnel at the site is 30. There is also a new 5-point tank treatment rack on the site, which allows tanks to be purged before repairs”.

Ammonia is the key input for producing nitrogen fertilisers. Acron Group produces two types of ammonia: anhydrous liquid ammonia and aqueous technical-grade ammonia. Most ammonia is processed by the Company to produce mineral fertilisers.