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Acron Expands Distribution Network in Russia

Agronova acquires distribution and logistics facility in Rostov region

Agronova (the distribution branch of Acron Group) acquired CJSC Millerovo Interdistrict Selhozkhimia, which owns a 20,000-tonne mineral fertiliser warehouse facility in the Rostov region. This is Agronova’s twelfth facility, bringing the Group’s total storage capacity to 189,000 tonnes.

The Millerovo 90,000-m2 state-of-the-art distribution and logistics facility can store mineral fertilisers both outdoors and indoors. The facility owns a 1,640-metre railroad and a 3,000-m2 railroad site. The facility has a hazardous cargo licence.

Agronova CEO Vladimir Kharin comments on the acquisition: “With this new fertiliser storage capacity, consumers in major agricultural regions will have direct access to our products. Owning local storage capacity is an advantage that improves our competitiveness on the Russian market”.

Agronova’s units provide mineral fertiliser delivery, sales and storage services. In 2016, Agronova shipped over 900,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers to Russian farmers.