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Acron to Allocate RUB 25 Million to Veliky Novgorod’s Budget

Acron and Veliky Novgorod Administration Sign Social and Economic Cooperation

Mayor of Veliky Novgorod Yuri Bobryshev and Acron Executive Director Vladimir Gavrikov renewed the agreement, under which Acron will allocate approximately RUB 25 million to the city in 2017. Under the agreement, which was originally signed in 2006, the city administration and Acron will continue working together to address important social and economic issues and ensure the stable development of the region’s capital.

According to Mr Gavrikov, the agreement serves as a legal basis for the Company’s community activities and the sponsorship it provides for a wide range of events, including sports and culture. He also noted that corporate responsibility is an integral part of Acron’s long-term strategy. “Social commitment goes far beyond paying our corporate taxes on time. It also includes financing community initiatives and programmes that are vital to the city, primarily aimed at improving living standards”.

In turn, the city administration pledged to promote investment activities and participate in addressing environmental issues, specifically by maintaining and operating the municipal biological treatment facilities.