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Acron Increases 2016 Domestic Mineral Fertiliser Sales by 20%

In 2016, Acron Group supplied over 900,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers to Russian consumers.

Based on 2016 results, Acron Group increased mineral fertiliser sales in the domestic market nearly by 20% to over 900,000 tonnes. Veliky Novgorod-based Acron more than doubled its shipments to the Russian market.

Bryansk, Oryol and Belgorod regions remain the major consumers of Acron Group’s products. Ammonium nitrate and complex fertilisers (NPK) are the most popular products among Russian farmers.

Chair of Acron Board of Directors Alexander Popov commented, “In 2016, Russia’s agroindustrial complex significantly increased purchases of mineral fertilisers, including due to state support. Domestic fertiliser producers are ready to meet the growing needs of Russia’s agroindustrial complex”.

Acron owns and operates Agronova distribution network, which was founded in 2005 and comprises eleven specialised agrochemical enterprises, which ensure direct access to consumers in Russia’s major agricultural regions. Its subdivisions deliver, sell and store mineral fertilisers. Total storage capacity of the distribution network is 169,000 tonnes.