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Acron Streamlines NPK Operations in Veliky Novgorod

NPK operations upgrade will increase output by over 60,000 tpa

Acron (Veliky Novgorod) is upgrading both of its NPK units to increase output to 2,000 tpd from 1,840 tpd.

With start-up and commissioning completed in November, the second unit reached sustainable output of 2,000 tpd of product. The first unit will reach its target output in 1Q 2017. All told, the facility will increase its annual NPK output by more than 60,000 tonnes.

The upgrades involve installation of an additional decomposition reactor, crystalliser and rotary duplex filter at each unit, and an increase in the performance of the conveyor drives for the potash and finished product continuous handling system. In the short term, the Company expects to upgrade screeners and install more efficient pumping equipment and heat exchangers. The new equipment is connected to the distributed process control system.

At the Veliky Novgorod facility, NPK is produced at two units with an aggregate capacity up to 1.2 mtpa. Acron Group also produces NPK at its Dorogobuzh facility (Smolensk region). The Group’s total NPK production capacity exceeds 1.8 mtpa.

NPK is a high-performance complex fertiliser containing all the basic nutrients required for plant growth (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium). The soil retains NPK for a long time without it being washed out by water. Application of complex fertilisers simplifies the task of balancing soil nutrients and boosts yields by supplying crops with essential nutrients in a form favourable for plant nutrition, assuring peak efficiency in a variety of climatic conditions.