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Dorogobuzh to Launch Generating Capacity

New turbine generator will provide one-third of Company’s electricity

Start-up work is nearing completion on the new steam turbine generating plant at Dorogobuzh. The unit was installed in the boiler shop because the steam used to generate power is supplied for ammonia, nitric acid and mineral fertiliser production. Excess steam pressure and heat will be used to generate electric power.

JSC Kaluga Turbine Works was selected as the key equipment supplier for the three units with capacity of 7, 2.5 and 1.5 MW. Intay and Komdiagnostika supplied the process control systems, which are based on hardware components from Siemens and Yokogawa. The technical design was engineered by JSC SOYUZ Power Development Corporation and Rakurs Group.

Construction on the generator started in 2014. In 2015, the building for the turbine generator plant was completed and installation began of the turbine, generators, high and low pressure steam pipes, oil and ventilation systems, heating, cable tracks, main 6-kW switchgear and other electric equipment.

“The commissioning of this new unit created 26 jobs”, said Alexei Nikulochkin, head of the Dorogobuzh boiler shop. “Our future senior boiler equipment operators, steam turbine operators, main board electricians and service technicians took training courses at the Professional special centre and completed internships at Smolensk Thermal Power Plant No. 2. They all passed their qualifying exams and received work authorisation”.

Turbine generator units TG-1.5, TG-2.5 and TG-7 passed all warranty tests. Start-up work began as soon as the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision issued authorisation for voltage supply from the turbine generator plant to Kislotnaya power substation. On 16 April, the TG-2.5 turbine generator produced power for the first time. The 1.5 and 2.5 MW units are currently in operation, and the TG-7 unit, which will operate seasonally (autumn-winter), will be commissioned after the company’s 2016 overhaul is finished. Specialists are debugging the process control systems, which are synchronised with the boiler shop system, and the automated power consumption measurement system. The turbine generator plant has already produced over 4,000 MW, and its current production volume is approximately 80,000 kWh.

“Dorogobuzh views this resource-saving policy as a powerful tool to increase the Company’s operating efficiency”, according to Executive Director Viktor Bocherikov. “The new turbine generator plant has aggregate capacity of 11 MW. With the launch, we will be able to generate one-third of the power we consume. The final reliability run of the turbine generator plant prior to commercial operation is scheduled for autumn 2016”.