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Dorogobuzh Spending More on Environment

In 2015, Dorogobuzh spent nearly RUB 45 million on environmental protection

Dorogobuzh spent 50% more, or RUB 44.8 million, on close to 100 environmental protection measures (2014: RUB 31.6 million) in 2015 and plans to spend over RUB 50 million on environmental activities in 2016.

Dorogobuzh’s environmental efforts are focused on measures to protect atmospheric air and treat waste.

Major environmental improvements at Dorogobuzh in 2015 included construction of a discharge pipe, repairs to the polished effluents tank, comprehensive analysis of hydrotechnical facilities, repairs to the dam at Lastochka summer recreation camp, replacement of pumps at the residential and operations wastewater pump plant, development of a project to install gas analysers to control NO, NO2, CO and O2, replacement of catalysts and activated alumina in the catalytic refining reactor at the weak nitric acid shop, an increase in the size of the second stage dam at the calcium carbonate temporary storage with installation of an unloading platform, and reclamation of the plot under the calcium carbonate warehouse.

Over the past 15 years, Dorogobuzh has not exceeded maximum allowed pollutant concentrations and noise levels at the boundaries of the sanitary protection zone. Findings by Rosprirodnadzor (the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage) did not reveal any violations by the Company.
In 2013, Dorogobuzh won the Environmentally Friendly Company of the Smolensk Region regional competition held by the regional department for natural resources and environment.

According to the Russian public organisation Green Patrol, following spring 2016 the Smolensk region was among top 20 most environmentally-oriented regions of Russia, taking eleventh place in an environmental rating of 85 regions.