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Acron Launches New 700 kt Ammonia-4 Unit

The inauguration of the ammonia unit, one of the largest in the CIS, took place at Acron production site in Veliky Novgorod. The ceremony was attended by President Vladimir Putin, Minister of Trade and Industry Denis Manturov, Chairman of Acron Group Coordinating Board Viatcheslav Kantor and Governor of the Novgorod region Sergey Mitin. 

The construction of Ammonia-4 started in June 2014. With annual capacity of 700,000 tonnes of ammonia (over 2,000 tonnes daily), it consumes 938 m3/t of gas (much more efficient than other existing operations) and slightly more than 7 Gcal/t of electricity (15% less than for other ammonia manufacturers). With this high efficiency, gas costs and consequently operating costs will be lower. 

Investments in the project totalled approximately USD 500 million. The Group financed the project with its own funds. The technology licensor is a world leader in this industry, a Danish engineering company Haldor Topsøe A/S. The general designer is OOO Novgorod GIAP (Veliky Novgorod). The process uses both Russian and imported equipment. 

Chairman of Acron Group’s Coordinating Committee Viatcheslav Kantor noted: “Ammonia-4 is the major investment project implemented at Veliky Novgorod production site over the past several decades. The increased capacity will help ramp up output at the existing fertiliser lines and provide basis for expanding our product portfolio. The launch of the new ammonia unit will also contribute to the development of the region by creating new jobs and increasing tax payments. Projects like Ammonia-4 serve as foundation for reindistrialisation of the country.” 

With Ammonia-4 put into operation, the annual output of ammonia at Veliky Novgorod production site will reach 1.9 million tonnes. Acron Group also produces ammonia at its other production assets: 600,000 tpa at Dorogobuzh facility in Smolensk region and 100,000 tpa at Hongri Acron in China.