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In 2016, Acron to Double Mineral Fertiliser Supplies to Oryol Region

Acron Group and Oryol Region government have signed an agreement to ensure a sustainable supply of mineral fertilisers to local farmers. In 2016, the Group plans to deliver 160,000 tonnes of fertilisers to Oryol’s agricultural producers.

Agronova (Acron Group’s distribution network) and the administration of Oryol Region have signed a cooperation agreement for 2016 designed to ensure uninterrupted fertiliser supplies to local farmers at affordable prices.

The Group plans to deliver 160,000 tonnes of fertilisers to Oryol Region farmers this year, double the 80,000 tonnes delivered in 2015. Agrochemicals supplied by Acron Group to Oryol Region include ammonium nitrate and complex mineral fertilisers (NPK).

In Q1 2016, Acron Group increased the domestic sales of mineral fertilisers produced by its Russian subsidiaries to almost 350,000 tonnes.

Agronova is Acron’s wholly owned distribution network established in 2005. This network comprises 11 specialised agrochemical companies that provide direct access to consumers in major farming regions of the country. Agronova’s subdivisions deliver, sell and store mineral fertilisers. The total storage capacity of the distribution network is 169,000 tonnes. Two of its agrochemical companies, Agronova-Oryol (with a head office in Oryol and a warehouse in Khomutovo settlement, Novoderevenkovsky district) and Agronova-Livny (with a head office and warehouse in Livny) are successfully operating in Oryol Region.