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Acron Reaches One Million Tonnes of Urea at New Unit in Veliky Novgorod

Acron’s production facility in Veliky Novgorod reached the one million tonne milestone for one of the Group’s most popular products at its new Urea Unit No. 5.

The urea production plant has been operating at Acron (Veliky Novgorod) since 1969. The new fifth unit, with capacity of 1,000 tonnes per day, was commissioned in spring 2012. Investments in the project totalled USD 95 million.

Currently, four other production units commissioned in 1969-1970 are undergoing repairs. After the repairs are complete, the total output capacity of the five units will jump to 3,000 t per day, with annual output expected to exceed 1 million tonnes.

Urea is a high analysis nitrogen fertiliser and a feedstock for producing UAN and urea-formaldehyde resins. It is effective as a fertiliser on various types of soil for cultivating rice, foliar feeding vegetables and horticultural crops, and late fertilising of wheat to increase the grain’s protein concentration.