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Dorogobuzh Reports on 2015 Social Costs

The conference of PJSC Dorogobuzh employees reviewed performance of the collective agreement: over RUB 100 mn was allocated for social and environmental measures in 2015

The conference of PJSC Dorogobuzh employees summarised the performance of the collective agreement in 2015. Ninety-three delegates from all production units and divisions noted that the employer fulfilled all of its obligations outlined in the agreement, including the provision of social benefits and guarantees for employees, their families and retirees.

Dorogobuzh Executive Director Viktor Bocherikov commended employees for the facility’s successful operations in 2015. All process divisions fulfilled their production programmes; capacity utilisation was at 100 per cent or more. Ammonium nitrate and nitrogen acid production reached a record high, exceeding 1 million tpa for the first time in history. The ammonia and NPK units reached their maximum daily production capacities of 1,742 t and 2,010 t per day, accordingly. In 2015, the facility’s total commercial product output was 1.8 mn t.

Stable and efficient operation of the facility provided the groundwork for social issues to be addressed successfully. Galina Starikova, head of the Dorogobuzh Primary Trade Union Organisation, noted that the payroll budget was increased by 10% in 2015. The average monthly wage at Dorogobuzh in 2015 was over RUB 36,000, while the average wage in Smolensk region over the same period was RUB 26,000.

Personnel training costs amounted to RUB 4.9 million. The Company spent RUB 13.6 million on labour safety measures. Labour conditions were assessed at 452 workplaces. RUB 44.8 million was allocated to conduct 97 different environmental measures. The Company also spent a total of RUB 23.4 million to upgrade workstations, prepare the Lastochka children’s summer wellness centre for the summer season, renovate the Yubileynoe cafe and the Cultural Centre hall, and repair cafeteria No. 8. In the reporting year, 911 children were treated at the Lastochka summer wellness centre.
In 2015, financial aid totalling RUB 6.1 million was paid to Dorogobuzh retirees.
Regular medical examinations were provided to 1,766 employees at the Dorogobuzh medical unit at the Company’s cost. RUB 5.1 million was allocated for treatment at wellness and spa resorts for Company’s employees and their children. The Company also introduced a voluntary medical insurance programme at the facility. Under this programme, the amount of RUB 3.5 million was spent for the medical examinations and treatment of Dorogobuzh employees.

Employee conference delegates unanimously approved the performance of the collective agreement in 2015.

According to Chair of the Trade Union Organisations Association of Smolensk region Yevgeniy Maksimenko, Dorogobuzh employees benefit from numerous benefits that are not available under other collective agreements at most facilities in the region. “It is a good thing that the company’s management and the trade union organisation are moving forward together to develop the benefits and social guarantees system”, Maksimenko remarked.