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Acron Increases Domestic Mineral Fertiliser Sales in Q1 2016

In Q1 2016, Acron Group supplied nearly 350,000 tonnes of products to Russian consumers.

In Q1 2016, Acron Group increased domestic mineral fertiliser shipments from its Russian production facilities to nearly 350,000 tonnes. Domestic supplies by Smolensk-based Dorogobuzh were up approximately 20% year-on-year, and Veliky Novgorod-based Acron boosted supplies more than 3.5 times.

Ammonium nitrate and NPK fertilisers remain the most popular products among Russian farmers. Bryansk, Oryol and Belgorod regions are still the biggest consumers of Acron Group’s products.

Chair of Acron Board of Directors Alexander Popov noted, “The Government’s unwavering commitment to supporting Russian agricultural sector helps our farmers buy more modern mineral fertilisers. Domestic producers are willing to completely satisfy a growing demand from the Russian agricultural sector”.

Acron has its own distribution network Agronova, which was established in 2005 and includes 11 designated agrochemical businesses that secure direct access to consumers located in major agricultural regions of Russia. Agronova’s business units provide mineral fertiliser delivery, sales and storage services. Total warehouse capacity of the distribution network is 169,000 tonnes.