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Talitsky Mine Design Approved by Main Expert Review Board

 VPC, a member of Acron Group, received approval for the design documentation for its Talitsky mine from the Main Expert Review Board of Russia (Glavgosexpertiza), a federal independent agency. The design capacity of the mine is 7.45 mn tpa of sylvinite ore (2.0 mn tpa of potassium chloride), and the design is based on engineering solutions that will increase the mine’s capacity at the final stage to 10.0 mn tpa of sylvinite ore (2.6 mn tpa of potassium chloride).

The Chairman of Acron’s Board of Directors, Alexander Popov, comments on the results:

“The design stage is the most important and complicated stage of a project. Our design ensures efficient development of the deposit with a primary focus on the most recent mine safety requirements. During the next stage, the design for the Talitsky mine’s surface facilities will be completed and documentation will be submitted for approval to environmental and state expert review boards as required by law.

“Once we have the expert review board’s approval and a construction permit, we will be able to launch full-scale construction of the Talitsky mine.”