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Fraud Alert

Acron Group is warning clients about a fake website set up by unidentified persons to redirect orders using false contact information. The fake site offering Acron and Dorogobuzh products is located at (

The official websites of Acron and Dorogobuzh are and This is where Acron and Dorogobuzh officially disclose information about their activities, pricing policy and contact information to their clients and shareholders. Products manufactured by Acron and Dorogobuzh are sold via the Agronova distribution network and its regional representatives. Contact information for these representatives is available at

Acron and Dorogobuzh are not responsible for potential risks associated with using any information from the fake website ( or obtained using the contact information provided on that website.

We recommend that clients exercise extreme caution if approached by unauthorized companies and individuals offering to supply Acron and Dorogobuzh products.

If you have any doubts or questions concerning the offers or contracts to purchase Acron and Dorogobuzh products, please contact +7 (495) 411-55-94, +7 (495) 745-77-45, +7 (495) 411-83-42 or +7 (499) 255-23-39.