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Acron Elects New Managing Board

Acron’s Board of Directors resolved to terminate the powers of the Company’s Managing Board early and to form a new Managing Board comprised of Vladimir Kunitsky, Irina Raber, Oscar Valters, Ivan Antonov, Alexei Milenkov and Dmitry Khabrat. At the same meeting, the Board of Directors approved letting Managing Board members serve concurrently on the management boards of other entities. 

The Board of Directors also resolved to terminate powers of Vladimir Gavrikov as chairman of Acron’s Board of Directors and to elect Alexander Popov as chairman of the Board of Directors and Vladimir Gavrikov as deputy chairman of the Board of Directors.

Gavrikov was previously appointed chairman of the Board of Directors while Alexander Popov served as acting Acron CEO (President) during Vladimir Kunitsky’s vacation, at which time he could not serve as both chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO.