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Acron Group Increases Its Stake in Grupa Azoty to 20 Per Cent

 Acron subsidiary Norica Holding S.a.r.l announces an increase in its shareholding in the authorised capital of Polish company Grupa Azoty to 20%.

Acron Group Vice President Vladimir Kantor comments:

“We have increased our stake in Grupa Azoty to 20%, because we highly estimate the synergy potential of undertaken consolidation of Grupa Azoty assets and see the prospects for cost reduction and resource optimisation. We also count on the strategic partnership between Acron Group and Grupa Azoty, which will contribute to the sustainable and effective development of both companies.

“Acron Group has created a vertically integrated business model, from mining its own resources to building an advanced international logistics and distribution infrastructure, and can offer Grupa Azoty a wide range of opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. 

“Acron has been successfully developing its own raw material base at its potash and phosphate deposits and can already provide Grupa Azoty’s production facilities with stable supplies of high quality phosphates. Access to Acron’s international distribution and logistics infrastructure will help Grupa Azoty enter new sales markets and enhance its competitive edge.”