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Acron UAN Facility Reaches 1 Million TPA Capacity

In January 2014, urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) at Acron’s Novgorod facility reached its record monthly capacity of 83,000 tonnes, which corresponds to 1 million tonnes per year. This became possible due to a complex upgrade made in 2013 as part of the investment programme. The cost of the investment project was US$ 27 million.

UAN is a high performance liquid nitrogen fertiliser. It contains nitrogen in three forms which makes it very popular in developed countries among farmers producing grain crops, in particular corn. This fertiliser type is easy and safe to transport.  

Currently, Acron Group is the second largest Russian UAN manufacturer, and owns and operates a Baltic Sea port terminal to tranship this fertiliser. The increase in UAN output followed the buildup of urea production in 2012. Acron Group continues to create new production capacity, including those for high value added products.