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Verkhnekamsk Potash Company to Complete Shafts Design at the Talitsky Area of VPMSD

Verkhnekamsk Potash Company (member of the Acron Group) has obtained from Glavgosexpertiza (Main Department of the State Expertise of Russia) the approval for the first stage of designing the Talitsky mine: vertical shafts construction. This approval by Russian authority coupled with the funds provided by Vnesheconombank, Raiffeisenbank and Eurasian Development Bank, allow VPC to immediately start shaft sinking. The Construction Office-30, a Federal State unitary enterprise, was chosen the main contractor for this stage.

Skip and cage shafts sinking is the most labour-intensive and complicated part of the potash mine construction. The skip shaft is designed for stripping the potash ore from the mine, emergency exit of workers and fresh air supply to the underground workings. The cage shaft is primarily for tripping workers, equipment and supplies to the mine horizon, as well as for return ventilation current output. The depth of the skip shaft shall total 417 meters, and that of the cage shaft 363 meters, either shaft’s diameter shall be 8 meters.

In addition to shafts the company shall construct technological complexes on ground, auxiliary structures and facilities, surface facilities for drilling of freezing holes and temporary water intake.

VPC has chosen artificial freezing of rock as the shaft sinking method. Based on potash shaft construction practices this method has proven the most secure.

Along with shaft sinking VPC shall proceed to design facilities for the following stages of the Talitsky mine construction: underground, surface and hydro backfilling complexes. Division into standalone stages of the mine design and construction and their gradual approval by Glavgosexpertiza shall expedite the mine construction and commissioning.