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Acron Holds Annual General Meeting on June 28

 The shareholder meeting approved the annual report and accounting statements, including profit and loss statements.

Based on the vote results, the meeting did not pass any resolution on distributing dividends for 2011 in the amount proposed by Acron Board of Directors (RUB 175 per share, including previously paid interim dividends). Thus, taking into account the interim dividends paid for nine months of 2011, the actual amount of dividend to be paid for 2011 financial year is RUB 129 per share.

The shareholder meeting elected the Acron Board of Directors:

• Igor Belikov, Independent Director

• Vladimir Gavrikov, Executive Director

• Egor Gissin, Deputy Head of Corporate and Legal Division

• Alexander Dynkin, CEO Adviser

• Viktor Kochubey, Deputy Executive Director for Development

• Alexander Popov, Senior Vice President

• Valery Shvalyuk, Head of Finance Department

The meeting elected the Internal Audit Team (Valentina Alexandrova, Irina Klassen, Nadezhda Preobrazhenskaya, Tatyana Strigalyova and Tatyana Khrapova) and approved Baker Tilly Russaudit as the RAS auditor and KPMG as the IAS auditor for Acron’s annual accounting statements.

The general meeting was followed by the first Board of Directors meeting. Alexander Popov was elected to chair the Board of Directors and Vladimir Gavrikov was elected his deputy. Vladimir Kunitsky was reappointed Acron CEO. The Board of Directors established Acron Managing Board, consisting of Vladimir Kunitsky, CEO (Chairman of the Managing Board); Ivan Antonov, Vice President for Production and Development, Oscar Valters, Senior Vice President; Dmitry Golubkov, Vice President Overseas; Alexei Milenkov, Finance Director; and Alexander Popov, Senior Vice President.