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Acron Signs New Agreement with Primary Trade Union

On December 27, Acron CEO Vladimir Kunitsky and primary trade union chair Alexander Malushin signed a new collective agreement for Acron.

In the course of negotiations, a specially organised commission comprised of the front office and the trade union members approved a draft three-year collective agreement to replace the previous agreement, which expires on January 1, 2012. According to Kunitsky, this timely approval of the agreement is a breakthrough in business relations between the company’s executives and the trade union. “Both parties did their best to strike a compromise on key issues. While the trade union took a strong stand, it also adopted a constructive approach to the administration’s proposals. None of the issues raised by the trade union were overlooked by the administration.”

According to Kunitsky, “Acron’s collective agreement is based on the principal provisions of Acron Group target Fair Work Programme, which regulates corporate social support policies. Primarily the Fair Work Programme is focused on developing a fundamentally new system of relationships with employees and protecting their rights and interests. We expect that the trade unions will work hard and efficiently. Only through joint efforts by employees and administration can we solve the social and operational tasks set forth in the agreement.”

As the trade union chair Malushin noted, the execution of the agreement gives Acron’s employees confidence in the future. “The administration has done even more for employees than required by the agreement, and I hope it will continue to do so,” he stressed. “However, it is the existence of this document that guarantees stability for the Company’s employees.”