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Dorogobuzh Announces the Annual General Shareholders Meeting

Dorogobuzh’s Board of Directors passed the resolution to hold the annual general shareholders meeting on May 22, 2009.

The Board of Directors set the agenda for the annual shareholders meeting as follows:
1. Approval of proceedings at the annual general shareholders meeting of JSC Dorogobuzh to be held on May 22, 2009, elaboreted by JSC Dorogobuzh's Board of Directors.
2. Approval of Dorogobuzh’s 2008 annual report.
3. Approval of Dorogobuzh’s 2008 annual financial statements, including income statement (profit and loss accounts), as well as allocation of profit and losses of Dorogobuzh in 2008.
4. Payment (declaration) of dividend for 2008, the amount thereof, form and procedure for its payment.
5. Election of Dorogobuzh’s Board of Directors.
6. Approval of Dorogobuzh’s Internal Audit Team
7. Approval of Dorogobuzh’s Auditor.
8. Amendments and addenda elaborated by Dorogobuzh’s Board of Directors to Dorogobuzh’s Charter.
9. Approval as amended of the Regulation on the Managing Board elaborated by Dorogobuzh’s Board of Directors.

The date of compiling the list of Dorogobuzh’s shareholders entitled to attend Dorogobuzh’s annual general shareholders meeting is April 3, 2009.