Industrial and Workplace Safety

Acron Group’s key industrial and workplace safety goal is to focus on prevention as a means of ensuring uninterrupted safe operations at the facilities and reduced accidents, occupational injuries and occupational diseases among employees.
The Group’s facilities elaborated and introduced industrial safety policy, which has the efficient system of preventing industrial risks and ensuring high-level operating culture as its strategic component. Russia-based production facilities adopted the rules developed on basis of accident causes analysis, which rules must be unconditionally followed by the facilities’ employees, other persons on facility premises, and contractors. The facilities also constantly take measures to protect employees’ life and health and to ensure safe working environment:

  • Diagnostics of equipment to ensure safe operation, as well as diagnostics of commodities and materials
  • Certification of workplace labour conditions
  • Training, instructing and quizzing workers on industrial and workplace safety
  • Provision of protective clothing, safe shoes and other individual protection gear
  • Obligatory regular medical exams for workers
  • Transparency and access to information related to workplace and industrial safety and environmental protection
  • Bringing buildings, structures, premises, construction and industrial sites in compliance with requirements of the current Russian law.
The Group also approved and applies a standard of conformity with industrial and technical aesthetics, which provides for unification of isolated projects, technical solutions and design considerations for both reconstructed and future planned facilities in compliance with the architectural concept of comprehensive improvement.