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RIS Group’s Consolidated Output (Operating Results for Acron, Dorogobuzh, Hongri Acron and NWPC)



The Board of Directors of Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) has announced a buyback for a total of not exceeding 87 million shares (9.94% of its authorised capital), including up to  27 million of ordinary shares and 60 million of preferred shares.


RIS Acron’s extraordinary general meeting held in the form of absentee vote resolved to approve a related-party transaction, namely execution by Acron (Purchaser) and its subsidiary Acronit (Seller) of a share purchase (subscription) agreement for the value not exceeding RUB 6.5 billion.

MICEX.AKRN1282 RUB 0.2346 %
LSE.AKRN3.145$1.4516 %