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Acron Opens Innovative Training Workshops at Novgorod Chemical and Industrial Technical College

Novgorod-based Acron, a member of Acron Group, a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, has opened computerised training workshops at Novgorod Chemical and Industrial Technical College (NovHIT) as part of the strategic partnership programme.

The Company invested approximately RUB12 million in repairs to seven NovHIT classrooms and new equipment required for three training courses: CNC Lathe Operations, Metrology and Instrumentation, and Industrial Automation. The workshops were set up to provide hands-on lessons, prepare and hold demonstration exams and the regional Young Professionals championships, and provide early career guidance for schoolchildren, as part of the Young Professionals federal project within the Education national programme.

The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Education of Novgorod region Dmitry Yakovlev and Acron’s deputy executive director for HR and social issues Andrey Pestov.

The NovHIT’s director Daniil Bazhenov said that the college was lucky to have such a strong strategic partner: ‘With Acron’s financial support, the workshops were set up from scratch. Now, we are able to provide a decent level of hands-on training to our students, improve professional skills of the local companies’ personnel, and attract those who wish to acquire the skills that are in demand in the labour market. Since Acron covers the chemistry segment of our curricula, we will also offer training courses for a wide range of vocational engineering professions. This is a good example of effective public-private partnership, an initiative of people united by a common idea. I believe that the launch of these workshops is a milestone and a new step forward for our college. We are the only school in Novgorod region so comprehensively equipped to offer computer simulation of CNC machinery operation and subsequent practical lessons. Thank you, our strategic partners, for your support’.