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Dorogobuzh Donates 1,000 Tonnes of Mineral Fertilisers to Smolensk Growers

Each year, Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) donates its products to Smolensk growers to support the spring sowing campaign. In 2022, agricultural producers from 24 districts of Smolensk region received 1,000 tonnes of high-quality mineral fertilisers from the Company.

Dorogobuzh supplied 700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate and 300 tonnes of NPK to 136 local agricultural businesses free of charge. Almost one-third of donated fertilisers was shipped to the Sodeistvie Association of Farm Enterprises and Agricultural Cooperatives, consisting of over fifty producers. Within the region, Smolensk district, which uses most of its arable lands to produce pulses and feed mixes, received 174 tonnes of fertilisers. Safonovo district, Roslavl district, Pochinok district, and Yartsevo district are major consumers of Dorogobuzh products, as well.

According to the Smolensk Region Agriculture and Food Department, local growers began spring sowing in mid-April this year, increasing the area under crops to 410,000 hectares (up 105% year-on-year).

Smolensk region governor Alexey Ostrovsky expressed his gratitude to Dorogobuzh CEO Vladimir Kunitsky for the Company’s loyalty to local agricultural producers: ‘This support from Dorogobuzh is one of the major factors fuelling an increase in Smolensk’s agricultural output’.