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Acron Subsidiary Transfers RUB 152 Million to Apatity under Social and Economic Partnership Agreement

Partomchorr Mining Company (a member of Acron Group) has signed a social and economic partnership agreement with the Apatity municipal administration to improve and maintain social and public infrastructure. The Group transferred RUB 152 million to Apatity under the agreement. Of that amount, Apatity plans to spend over RUB 24 million on financial and technical support for its schools, over RUB 27 million on road improvements to meet safety requirements, and RUB 24 million to upgrade streetlights. Other projects include overhauling the roof and facade of a public building on Kosmonavtov Street, repairing the roof of a building on Lenin Street, renovating the roof and facades of the L.M. Burkov children's music school, repairing the entrance hall of the Youth Social Centre building and renovating the V.K. Egorov municipal community centre, all of which will require a total of over RUB 27 million. RUB 4.7 million will be used to renovate the civil registry office. In order to improve access to sports facilities and promote healthy lifestyles, the city will spend RUB 15.3 million to renovate the Atlet ski stadium and RUB 3.8 million to repair the gym and sports halls at the Olimp Sports School. The city also allocated RUB 17.9 million of the partnership agreement funds to repair the hockey rink on Festivalnaya Street, build a new skate park, and upgrade two playgrounds and a ball field with lighting and video surveillance. A further RUB 1.3 million will be used to install a tennis court. The city has earmarked RUB 2 million of the partnership agreement funds for urban landscaping and RUB 4.4 million for development of design documentation for improvement of Dzerzhinsky Street pedestrian zone. Partomchorr Mining Company is developing the Partomchorr deposit in Murmansk region under a subsoil licence that was initially obtained by North-Western Phosphorous Company (a member of Acron Group) in 2006 and transferred to Partomchorr Mining Company in 2016.