Railway operator transports the Group’s products to seaport terminals and consumers in Russia and the CIS

  • 1,700 own railcars and tanks
  • 8.3
    mn t
    cargo transported in 2017

Due to the specific geography of the Group’s facilities located in Veliky Novgorod and Smolensk regions, rail is the main transport used to deliver raw materials to the Group’s sites and finished goods to the domestic market or ship them to seaports. To cover its cargo transportation needs, the Group established its own logistics arm under the Acron-Trans brand.

In 2017, Acron Group’s Russian companies moved a total of 8.3 mn t of rail cargo. Acron-Trans, the Group’s logistics arm, provides rail transportation of commodities and end products to port terminals and customers in Russia and the CIS for the Group’s Russian companies. Acron-Trans operates over 1,500 railcars and tanks owned by the Group, as well as approximately 2,000 leased railcars. In 2018, the Group purchased 200 new innovative hopper cars for transporting urea and ammonium nitrate.


St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg 191119

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