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Vladimir Putin Signs a Decree on Awarding Viatcheslav Kantor the Order of Honour

The Presidential Order dated 26 August 2016 states that the Chairman of the Coordinating Board of Acron Group Viatcheslav Kantor is awarded the Order of Honour “in recognition of his professional achievements and long-standing fair work”.

Under the leadership of Viatcheslav Kantor, Acron Group developed and approved a RUB 300-billion investment programme, which allowed to create over 2,000 highly qualified jobs and new state-of-the-art production facilities in several regions of Russia.  

Acron Group has commissioned a mining and processing complex for mineral fertiliser production in the Murmansk region, which is the first greenfield mining project since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 2015 alone, NWPC (a member of Acron Group) paid over RUB 1.2 million as taxes to various level budgets. In summer of 2016, President Putin took part in the ceremony to commission the first stage of the Oleniy Ruchey mine. 

On 29 July 2016, President Putin and Viatcheslav Kantor attended the launch of the largest ammonia unit and inaugurated rare earth element operations at Acron site in Veliky Novgorod that is unprecedented in Russia. The ammonia unit was designed and built by Russian experts without engaging foreign contactors, and the REE extraction technology was designed by Acron in cooperation with the leading Russian research centres. Creating REE operations based on the Russian production facility is strategically important for ensuring national security and instrumental for phasing out REE imports in the Russian market. 

The Order of Honour is awarded to citizens of the Russian Federation for their contribution in science, education and culture, as well as for outstanding production and economic performance in industry, construction, agriculture, communications and energy coupled with the use of innovative technologies in the production process and significant increase in the level of social and economic development of the Russian regions.