The Group’s business is based on an efficient human resources policy aimed at engaging qualified employees, continuously improving their professionalism and providing competitive salaries and social guarantees. The main principles of the social and human resources policy are equally important for all of the Group’s companies, irrespective of their region of operations.

Human Resources and Social Policy


Acron Group pays special attention to employees’ determination to achieve high operating results and their interest in professional and career development within the company. The Group provides its employees with a competitive salary, bonuses and compensatory payments along with social payments and benefits. The Company also has an extensive system of social programmes embracing health care, housing programmes and support for families with children and long-time employees.

Health Care

Acron Group is committed to maintaining and improving its employees’ physical and mental health. To this end the Group provides them with on-site health care under voluntary health insurance programmes and with extended opportunities to engage in fitness and sports and take family vacations at Group-owned and third-party recreation centres at discounted rates. 

Support for Young Specialists 

The Group provides young specialists who come from other regions with reimbursement for moving expenses and partial rent reimbursement during the first five years of employment. Young specialists may also choose to live up to five more years in apartments owned by the Group. Acron works to improve employees’ housing conditions by partially reimbursing their mortgage interest.

Support for Families with Children 

Acron Group is committed to providing its employees with one-time cash compensation when a child is born, monthly subsidies for mothers or fathers caring for children under the age of three and reimbursement of the costs of staying at recreation centres for children up to 18 years of age. 

Support for Unemployed Retirees 

Support for retired former employees includes payment of one-time compensation, regular monetary support for unemployed retirees, access to Group-sponsored medical care and discounts on resort health treatment and a variety of social events for retirees. 

Personnel Training and Talent Pool Creation 

The key objective of the Group’s personnel policy is to attract both the sector’s best experts and promising young specialists, providing them with every opportunity to discover their professional and creative potential and grow their careers. The Group boasts an effective multistage programme for employee training, professional education and retraining for new opportunities and career development.

Students and Recent Graduates 

Acron and Dorogobuzh are interested in engaging high-school students for further training in popular disciplines. As part of its cooperation with local secondary schools, Acron Group organize in-depth study of related disciplines in specialised classes taught by university lecturers, awards for winners of academic contests in relevant subjects, meetings of the Group’s experts with teachers, students and parents, and tours of the Group’s facilities. Acron Group organises apprenticeships for undergraduates to transition into subsequent employment. This programme includes: signing a fixed-term labour agreement, providing accommodation for the apprenticeship period, learning about the profession and labour conditions at the facilities. Students who do well in their apprenticeships the companies sign contracts providing scholarships for the entire training period, industrial and pre-graduation practical training and employment after graduating. 

Young Specialists 

Young specialists are employees under 30 (inclusive) with higher professional degrees in specialities in demand at the facilities and who are hired within a year of graduation. The apprenticeship and adaptation programme helps young specialists adjust to their new jobs, develop professional skills and learn about the Group’s activity, study workplace and industrial safety, and attend scheduled training events (seminars and workshops).

Training and Career 

Acron Group provides the opportunity to improve employees’ education and qualifications, to master related skills and professions: professional training and retraining, including teaching professions and apprenticeship; training and retraining under labour safety regulations; courses, workshops and training, talent pool classes, tuition support for university and postgraduate studies.