Acron Group’s sustainable development directly depends on the social and economic prosperity of the regions where its companies are located. As large employers and taxpayers in their regions, the Group’s companies actively participate in community development by implementing integrated social programmes and charitable giving.

Acron Group’s social and charitable programmes in its operating regions focus on: 

  • Social and economic development and modernisation of health care facilities, municipal facilities and educational establishments
  • Support for culture, science and sports: artists, theatres, museums, sports teams and public sports organisations
  • Assistance in promoting a mature civil society and support for public organisations of veterans, public youth organisations and public organisations of the disabled 
  • Targeted assistance for vulnerable members of society: labour veterans, the disabled, large families and other disadvantaged categories, socially oriented organisations and religious organisations 
Under the social and economic cooperation agreement between Acron and the Veliky Novgorod administration, the Group promotes development in the Novgorod region by donating funds each year to improve social facilities and organise special events for local residents. Acron also participates in regional charity programmes. Dorogobuzh contributes to significant social projects in the Smolensk region. Under an agreement with the Kirovsk administration, NWPC actively participates in the social and economic development and improvement of municipal facilities in Kirovsk and Koashva settlement. The Company invests in the repair of key infrastructure in Kirovsk, sponsors schools and hospitals and initiates charitable giving.