Rare Earth elements

Acron Group implements a project of complex apatite-nepheline rock processing at Veliky Novgorod production site to produce rare earth elements (REE) from apatite concentrate process flows. Currently, Acron has the only operations in Russia to separate REE concentrates into elements in industrial-scale volumes. 

The annual capacity of REE unit is 200 tonnes of rare earth oxides. It produces cerium, lanthanum and neodymium, as well as concentrates of light, medium and heavy rare earth elements. The end product is shipped to producers of glass, catalysts for oil cracking and rubbers. REE are also used to manufacture alloys, magnets, and electronics, as well as by the defence industry.


Cerium OxideAcron (60 kb)
Cerium CarbonateAcron (61 kb)
Lanthanum OxideAcron (56 kb)
Lanthanum CarbonateAcron (56 kb)
Neodymium OxideAcron (60 kb)
Concentrate of Light REE CarbonatesAcron (56 kb)
Concentrate of Medium and Heavy REE CarbonatesAcron (48 kb)