Organic Compounds

Acron Group produces organic compounds, including methanol, formalin and UFRs. These products are traditionally used as inputs in a variety of industries.


Methanol is an input for formalin production and other industrial synthesis applications.



А Grade Acron (144 kb)
B Grade Acron (143 kb)


Formalin is an input for UFRs, plastics and synthetic fibres, and is an antiseptic agent in the pharmaceutical industry.


FM Premium grade Acron (142 kb)
FM First grade Acron (142 kb)

Urea-formaldehyde Resins

UFR is a synthetic glue used in the wood-processing industry.


UFR, KF-ES, KF-MT-15, KF 1-7, KF-G, Special UFR, Dipping UFR
Acron (134 kb)