Employee Welfare Programmes

Improving our employees’ quality of life is one of the top priorities of the Company’s human resource policy. The Company offers wraparound benefits that include healthcare, housing and supplemental support for families with children and long-time employees. 

  1. Voluntary health insurance programmes, health care services provided by the Acron Medical Centre outpatient clinic and on-site first-aid units 
  2. Health resort treatment at a discount 
  3. Partial reimbursement for recreation camps 
  4. Healthful and nutritious meals for employees 
  5. Athletic and cultural events at Acron’s Sports and Recreation Complex and Cultural Centre 
  6. One-time cash compensation when a child is born 
  7. One-time compensation to retiring employees 
  8. Retirees have guaranteed access to the Acron Medical Centre and the Sports and Cultural Centres, in addition to cash benefits 
  9. New Year’s gifts for employees and their children 
  10. Interest-free loans for employees 
  11. Additional days off for weddings, first day of school, and more 
  12. Employees’ children are eligible for summer vacations at the Raduga Recreation Centre and Avrora Recreation Camp