Young Professionals

Hiring young professionals is a key human resources policy at Acron and Dorogobuzh.

Young professionals are individuals ages 30 or younger with professional degrees in areas of expertise required at the production facilities who were hired in their first year following graduation. 

The Company implements apprenticeship and evaluation programmes to help young professionals adapt quickly. Each student has an apprenticeship supervisor who drafts an individual schedule. The term of apprenticeship is up to 18 months, at which point young specialists have acquired the necessary professional skills, become acquainted with the Company’s business, have learned about labour protection and industrial security, and participated in scheduled seminars and trainings.

After apprenticeship completion, each young professional’s skills and knowledge obtained and his/hers business and professional qualities are assessed and an appraisal is provided of his/her career potential. 

Young specialists may benefit from extra monetary and compensatory payments: 
  • Lump-sum cash allowance upon contract signing 
  • Quarterly benefits for apprenticeship plan implementation 
  • Lump-sum certification bonus subject to successful apprenticeship 
  • Lump-sum allowance upon contract signing after military service 
Young specialists who come to Acron and Dorogobuzh from other regions may benefit from the following incentives: 
  • Reimbursement of moving expenses 
  • Partial repayment of rent during the first five years of employment and provision of an apartment in a residential complex for young workers during the subsequent five years, and further those employees who are successful in their career development receive partial repayment of the bank mortgage rate.