Education and Career

Acron and Dorogobuzh are committed to supporting employees’ career and professional growth through vast opportunities to improve education and qualifications, as well as mastering related professions and specialties. 

Major education highlights 

1. Professional training and retraining: 
  • Professional training; 
  • On-site apprenticeship; 
  • Extramural graduate and post-graduate education. 
2. Labour safety and security education and retraining 

3. Advanced training: 
  • Upgrading skill category; 
  • Courses, workshops and trainings; 
  • Talent pool.  
Corporate training and professional development programmes are the most essential element of the advanced training system. Acron and Dorogobuzh operate in-house training centres equipped with cutting-edge automated technologies for preparing chemical production employees. Training is provided by the Companies’ experts and by outside teachers from leading universities and specialised institutions. 

The Talent Pool programme is designed to generate a pool of candidates for management level positions. During the Talent Pool course, students acquire management skills: confident behaviour, positive influence, teamwork, personnel encouragement, leadership potential and personal efficiency. The syllabus is based on a combination of lectures, active learning methods and trainings.