Advantages of Acron Production Facilities

Acron Group is a fast-growing company interested in attracting young professionals and the best specialists in the industry – self-motivated and goal-oriented people focused on development, team work and superior performance. The Company is committed to building a relationship with each employee based on mutual respect and equal opportunity.

Ambitious Development Projects
  • Gain valuable professional experience during the construction of new production facilities and introduction of modern technologies
Professional and Career Start for Young People
  • Students undergoing training for professions in demand at the Company have the opportunity to learn about the plants’ operation, gain professional experience and have job placement guarantees for after graduation
  • Support programme for young specialists
  • Additional monetary incentives and compensation
Training and Continuous Education
  • Opportunities for all employees to upgrade professional skills and qualification, master related professions and receive further education
  • Professional training at the Company’s own training centres
  • Talent pool programme aimed at creating a pool of candidates for managerial positions
  • Professional skills contests
Competitive Salary
  • Salaries are comparable for the industry with regular cost-of-living adjustments
  • Flexible system of bonuses and payments
  • Skill mastery bonuses and extra payments
  • Social benefits and payments
Social Programme
  • On-site health care centres and health insurance plans for employees and their families
  • Sports facilities
  • Cultural and corporate events
  • Support for families with children
  • Mortgage programme
  • Support for unemployed retirees