1. Building value through vertical integration

  2. Through vertical integration we are able to derive value from each part of the industry chain - extraction, production, logistics and distribution. The Oleniy Ruchey mine started phosphate production in December 2012 and we are preparing to develop the potash deposit at the Talitsky area.

  3. Improving operating results through the construction of new production facilities

  4. The construction of new production facilities at the Veliky Novgorod site is a strategic priority of the Group. These new facilities for urea and ammonia production will enhance capacity and boost performance indicators.

  5. Expanding sales to the premium markets with high demand

  6. By expanding sales to the fast growing markets of Latin America and South Asia, we are able to capitalise on the premium market opportunities that are created by high local demand. We are maximising potential by developing both our sales networks and our trading companies to provide the sales flexibility that delivers results in these high-margin markets.

  7. Raising funding for our ambitious investment programme

  8. Implementation of our large-scale investment programme will be aided by the incremental monetisation of non-core assets and by attracting strategic investors. We use a wide range of borrowing instruments and seek to increase cash flow from operating activities.

  9. Enhancing our profile through transparency and strong governance

  10. We are working continuously to enhance Acron’s investment proposition. We are streamlining our corporate structures, strengthening corporate governance and increasing transparency across all our activities and communications.

  11. Adopting a sustainable approach to our future

  12. At Acron we believe that conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible way is part of being a successful business and essential to delivering long-term value. We accept that there is a fundamental link between economic, environmental and social performance and our future success and credibility will depend on our ability to manage all three. We are committed to sustainable development in our business and we will continue to understand, mitigate and to manage any significant impacts associated with our processes, products and services.