Business Model

Phosphates Potash
Oleniy Ruchey mine (Russia) Talitsky mine (Russia) Potash salt deposits in Saskatchewan (Canada)
  • Apatite concentrate: 1,100 ktpa
  • min 39% P2O5
Investment projects
  • Mine’s 2nd stage: capacity increase to 1,700 ktpa
  • Design capacity: 2 mtpa of potash (KCl) further expansion to 2.6 mtpa
  • Recoverable resources: 80,227 mtpa KCl
  • 11 permits: exploration
  • Recoverable resources: 418 mtpa KCl
Since 2013, the Oleniy Ruchey mine has supplied all of required phosphates to the Group’s Russian production facilities. The surplus is sold to third parties.
Chemical production
Nitrogen and complex mineral fertilisers, industrial products
Acron (Russia) Dorogobuzh (Russia)
Main capacity
  • Ammonia: 1,900 ktpa
  • AN: 900 ktpa
  • UAN: 1,000 ktpa
  • NPK: 1,200 ktpa
  • Urea: 800 ktpa
  • Formalin: 200 ktpa
  • Methanol: 100 ktpa
  • UFR: 260 ktpa
Main capacity
  • Ammonia: 600 ktpa
  • AN: 900 ktpa
  • NPK: 600 ktpa
Three large facilities produce a wide variety of nitrogen and complex fertilisers, with ammonia production as the cornerstone.
Baltic Sea port terminals Railway operator
AS DBT (Estonia) Andrex (Russia) Acron-Trans (Russia)
  • Ammonia: 1.0 mtpa
  • UAN:1.0 mtpa
  • Bulk cargo: 2.5 mtpa
  • Bulk cargo: 0.5 mtpa
  • Blending and packaging: 0.4 mtpa
Rail fleet
  • Railcars and tanks: 1,700
Developed logistics infrastructure ensures delivery of raw materials and guarantees shipment of products.
Distribution networks Trading companies
Agronova (Russia) Yong Sheng Feng (China) Agronova International Inc. (USA) Agronova Europe AG (Switzerland)
Distribution in Russia
  • 12 specialised agrochemical companies 
Distribution in China
  • 3 branches and representative offices
  • 4 warehouses
International trader
  • Sales to North and South America
International traider
  • Sales to Europe, Asia and Africa
Extensive distribution networks in Russia and China along with trading companies in Europe and the USA provide the Group with market diversification and 100% product sales.
The Group holds leading market positions in its segments in China, Russia, Brazil, Thailand and the USA.