Logistics is a key segment of the Group’s business, ensuring flexibility in product shipments and reliable delivery dates, which is a vital competitive advantage in the global market of mineral fertilisers.

 1  Acron-Trans, a railway company (St. Petersburg, Russia) 
 2  AS DBT, a two terminal facility for mineral fertilisers (port of Muuga and port of Sillamäe, Estonia)
 3  Andrex, a two-terminal complex for production and transshipment of bulk mineral fertilisers and production and shipment of bulk blends (Kaliningrad sea fishing port, Russia)  

For several years, Acron Group has been developing its logistics as a separate business segment providing transshipment services to third-party Russian fertiliser producers. In 2010, Acron Group finalised the consolidation of its port logistics assets in holding company Balttrans.